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Dipping my Toes Into Acquisition Entreprenurship

2023-12-25 Business
Recently I started reading the book “Buy then Build” by Walker Deibel. While I’m no where near done the book I find the subject rather interesting. “Acqusitiion Entrepreneurship” may sound sacriligious at first; when people imagine an entrepreneur they tend to think of a guy in casual jeans on his laptop trying to make his Web 3.0 startup into something at all. While making a startup has it’s merits and I respect those who are persistent about it, it’s rather risky. Continue reading

Thoughts on Rich Dad, Poor Dad

7/10 It’s been a hot minute since I read this classic I’m gonna be honest. This book was great for its time but in 2023 I think there are better books out there. This book touches on a lot of conceptual topics especially around the idea of cash flow. While this is important to understand, and I find the way Kiyosaki conveys this to be wonderful, books like “I Will Teach You To Be Rich” by Ramit Sethi exist which just offer more actionable, practical advice for people to get started. Continue reading