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How to install Go(lang) on Debian

2024-02-08 programming go
This also works on WSL2 Debian based, which is what I use. Navigate to the Go download page Copy the “Linux” install link, and navigate back to your shell. Use the following commands: wget sudo tar -xvf goVERSION.linux-amd64.tar.gz sudo mv go /usr/local echo "export GOROOT=/usr/local/go" >> ~/.bashrc echo "export GOPATH=\$HOME/go" >> ~/.bashrc echo "export PATH=\$GOPATH/bin:\$GOROOT/bin:\$PATH" >> ~/.bashrc source ~/.bashrc Source might not work, in which case restart your terminal or shell instance. Continue reading

Invalidate a Discord OAuth2 token in NodeJS

2024-01-23 oauth2 discordjs
The discordjs documentation does not include how to invalidate a token using JS. After a lot of trouble, I figured it out. In order to reduce dependency count, I am using the node:fetch module. async function invalidateToken(access_token) { const response = await fetch('', { method: 'POST', headers: { 'Content-Type': 'application/x-www-form-urlencoded', }, body: new URLSearchParams({ 'client_id': process.env.CLIENT_ID, 'client_secret': process.env.CLIENT_SECRET, 'token': access_token, }), }); console.log(response); } We can see that this function creates a response variable which awaits a post request to the revocation endpoint using URLSearchparams in the body containing the token to revoke, the client id, and the client secret. Continue reading

The Psychology of Money (review)

2024-01-19 psychology finance
10/10 This book by Morgan Houssel is an instant classic. It goes over many of the personal finance trends we’ve seen in the last few decades. Not only he explains what they are, he talks about why they happen, and what should be the lesson of these phenomena. For example: he describes how people follow financial forcasters because thinking that someone knows the answer is simply more comforting than awknowledging the truth that no one knows for sure. Continue reading

New Year, Still me

2024-01-04 psychology
Like many people, I hate the phrase “New Year, new me”, because it is a blatant lie. Nothing truly changes between December 31st and January 1st. At least, no dramatic changes. I feel that it must be known that gradual changes are more effective than rapid changes. Such changes don’t need to start at New Year’s either. So what should someone do to awknowledge the New Year? I believe 2 things: Continue reading

Dipping my Toes Into Acquisition Entreprenurship

2023-12-25 Business
Recently I started reading the book “Buy then Build” by Walker Deibel. While I’m no where near done the book I find the subject rather interesting. “Acqusitiion Entrepreneurship” may sound sacriligious at first; when people imagine an entrepreneur they tend to think of a guy in casual jeans on his laptop trying to make his Web 3.0 startup into something at all. While making a startup has it’s merits and I respect those who are persistent about it, it’s rather risky. Continue reading

Why I didn't care about ranking for colleges

2023-12-17 college Reinin
…and why maybe you should I’m in senior year of high school, meaning I had to apply to see which college I’d give a 100k. There are a multitude of considerations people make for their college choice. Some choices are impacted by their major, some choices are impacted by what someone looks for in a college experience. Full disclosure, I am a Comp Sci major. Rank doesn’t matter In the CS field, it doesn’t really matter what rank your school is. Continue reading


2023-12-09 philosophy Reinin
Appreciations This month, I turned 18. This obviously comes with the neat perks of… having rights (my personal favorite being the ability to vote). My dad actually got a bunch of messages from a variety of medical and financial services that told him “Sorry bud, your son has access to all his shit now and you don’t”. This is a commonly celebrated facet of becoming an independent, fully functioning adult. Every birthday of mine, I think about the things I accomplished that year, and the things I still have to accomplish. Continue reading

Thoughts on Rich Dad, Poor Dad

7/10 It’s been a hot minute since I read this classic I’m gonna be honest. This book was great for its time but in 2023 I think there are better books out there. This book touches on a lot of conceptual topics especially around the idea of cash flow. While this is important to understand, and I find the way Kiyosaki conveys this to be wonderful, books like “I Will Teach You To Be Rich” by Ramit Sethi exist which just offer more actionable, practical advice for people to get started. Continue reading
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