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2023-12-09 philosophy Reinin


This month, I turned 18. This obviously comes with the neat perks of… having rights (my personal favorite being the ability to vote). My dad actually got a bunch of messages from a variety of medical and financial services that told him “Sorry bud, your son has access to all his shit now and you don’t”. This is a commonly celebrated facet of becoming an independent, fully functioning adult. Every birthday of mine, I think about the things I accomplished that year, and the things I still have to accomplish. I got the opportunity to intern software development at a firm over the summer, as well as a friend giving me several thousand dollars to work on a Roblox game. That one ended in flames, but good flames, I think.

I wanted to do something else this year. I wanted to thank some of the people over the past several years who has had an positive impact on me. Of course there are some who had a negative impact and that is equally important, but why dwell on negative things? The order in which names are listed is coincidental, you’re all equally amazing.


I don’t call you “Right Hand Roman” for nothing. In the grand scheme of things, I haven’t known you for that long, but it still feels like I’ve known you for years. Every step of the way, my highest highs and my lowest lows, you’ve been there, supporting me every single time. In my darkest times you were there to console me, and bring a positive perspective. You’re an amazing and intelligent leader, my BESTO FRIENDO, and will forever be my favorite Federal Agent.

Amit and Maya

I am the oldest sibling in my family, but if I had 100 chances to choose 2 people to be my older siblings, I’d pick you two each and every time. You’re both so smart and so sweet.


Ever since middle school you’ve been there laughing and joking with me about stupid shit and Discord memes. Never stop with your shitposts.

Zach (happyzachariah)

You’re the best leader I’ve ever seen, hands down. The way you carry yourself around people brings admiration and respect from almost everyone you meet.


We’ve only started working together recently, but I appreciate your work ethic and awknowledge your talent as a business leader. Hope for many great projects with you.