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Why I didn't care about ranking for colleges

2023-12-17 college Reinin

…and why maybe you should

I’m in senior year of high school, meaning I had to apply to see which college I’d give a 100k. There are a multitude of considerations people make for their college choice. Some choices are impacted by their major, some choices are impacted by what someone looks for in a college experience. Full disclosure, I am a Comp Sci major.

Rank doesn’t matter

In the CS field, it doesn’t really matter what rank your school is. As long as you can learn fast and show that you’ve done projects before, you’ll be fine. Networking is also very important, and higher schools don’t always have better connections than lower ones. It’s rather dependent on the area and local relations with the college. Speaking of which: Also, I applied to schools that have a top 1% CS program, but that’s still like a hundred schools. Once I’m in the top 1%, it doesn’t matter.

I’m living there for 4 years

If I’m living in a college campus for 4 years, I better like the area. I’m not going to compromise waking up to a concrete jungle or the fields of the midwest US. I like urban, but it has gotta have culture to it, so I can enjoy it for all 4 years.

I don’t want to kill myself

I’ll be studying for 4 years as well. If I have to get out of class feeling like I won’t have free time for a good job or my own ambitions, I’ll kill myself. Solution: NO IVY LEAGUE (LEVELED SCHOOLS)

Not all majors work like this

Pre-med and law very much scale depending on school. Keep this in mind when you choose your requirements, talk to people in the field you want to go into, and watch a fuck ton of YT videos. Learn how the industry works, what they look for, and plan accordingly.