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New Year, Still me

2024-01-04 psychology

Like many people, I hate the phrase “New Year, new me”, because it is a blatant lie. Nothing truly changes between December 31st and January 1st. At least, no dramatic changes. I feel that it must be known that gradual changes are more effective than rapid changes. Such changes don’t need to start at New Year’s either. So what should someone do to awknowledge the New Year? I believe 2 things:

First, it is important to understand that you can accomplish a lot in a year, even if you don’t believe so. Simply being alive is an achievement in itself. Even if you truly feel that you haven’t accomplished anything meaningful, remember that the only way to go from the bottom is up.

Second, now that you’ve recognized what you’ve done, where do you want to end up by the end of this year? How can you get there by taking your time and making the right choices to help yourself?